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1) What is Python?
Python is a high level object-oriented programming language with objects, modules, threads, exceptions and automatic memory management.

2) What are the advantages of Python?

Free and open source

>Object oriented
>Built-in data structure

3)what is PEP8?
PEP 8 is a coding convention which specifies a set of guidelines, about how to write your Python code more readable.

4) What do you mean by Python literals?
Python literals can be defined as data which are given in a variable or constant. There are 5 types of literals in Python:
>String Literals
>Numeric Literals
>Boolean Literals
>Special Literals
>Literal Collections

5) Explain Python functions.
There are two types of functions:
>Built-In Functions
>User-defined Functions

6) What is Python zip() function?
The Python zip() function is used to transform multiple lists .

7) What is Python’s parameter passing mechanism?
There are two parameter passing mechanism in Python:
>Pass by references
>Pass by value

8) How to overload constructors or methods in Python?
Python’s constructor: _init__ () is a first method of a class. Whenever we try to instantiate a object __init__() is automatically invoked by python to initialize members of an object.

9) What is Web scraping?

Web Scrapping is a method of extracting the large amounts of information which is available on the web sites and saving it onto the local machine or onto the database tables.

10) Which are the file related libraries/modules in Python?
Python provides libraries/modules with functions that facilitate you to manipulate text files and binary files on file system.